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Public Sector
  • Redesign governance model (code of conduct, chart of ethics, AI use) to prevent & manage risks 

  • Assist the BoD of an inter-municipal syndicate to hire its top management team and facilitate their on-boarding 

  • Advise an inter-municipal syndicate of 100 cities to manage public tenders and supervise its seamless execution

  • Assist cities to build resilience capabilities to prepare and manage climate-change driven crises

  • Build a strategic roadmap to be among the 100 European climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030

  • Deliver a 360° assessment of a public institution related to organizational and financial performance

  • Assess municipalities to become a smart city and develop a strategy to become "resilient"

  • Build a communication strategy for the mayor office related to the land use plan (PAG) 

  • Create a real-time data-driven statistical model to assess and build the employability skills of jobless persons 

  • Design a rapid test procedure for municipalities including the GDPR consent letter for meeting participants

  • Build a pandemic projection model for the Research Taskforce to evaluate non-pharmaceutical interventions

  • Perform a European benchmarking of statistical KPI for academic and public libraries 

  • Elaborate an eligibility guide to approve expenditures for cellular network projects (5G)

  • Determine the recruiting criteria of leadership positions incl. the interview questions & answers

  • Develop tailor-made training & development for civil servants on mathematics in finance & economy

  • Review the audit procedure of hospital IT systems to ensure its proper implementation

  • Evaluate the economic impact of e-health services to enhance the country's attractiveness

  • Digital transformation of public services including data management and automated reporting

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