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Commercial Companies
  • Elaborate an ESG Report with a carbon footprint and a decarbonisation strategy to net zero

  • Design an ESG Dashboard embedded in an integrated sustainability report 

  • Create an analytical decarbonizing roadmap for corporates to become climate-neutral  

  • Create a strategic fitness programme for a food retailer to enhance its profitability

  • Analyse the profit potential of a data driven business model

  • Develop KPI for transversal and business functions based on new data analytics strategy

  • Benchmark compensation & benefits, diversity, equity & inclusiveness for financial controller 

  • Advise the management team to select a charity organisation as corporate philanthropist

  • Assist the management team to design a data analytics strategy for a Reporting 4.0 platform

  • Train the management team in business modeling by tailor-made use cases

  • Coach the CEO in leadership excellence: production, productivity, innovation, transformation

  • Support a grain mill to accelerate its business case roll-out for meat-substitutes

  • Analyse the customer loyalty of a food retailer and implement a love brand programme

  • Assist HR of a family business to define employer branding incl. a mentoring programme

  • Co-create a long-term strategy of a company including succession & exit planning

  • Review the governance practices and create a new governance chart & rules of procedure 

  • Analyse the public fiscal incentive programmes to support businesses in a crisis

  • Support Pharma company to respond to public procurement tender of medicinal Cannabis 

  • Assist multinational companies to implement their European HQ in Luxembourg

  • Perform a holistic health check to improve risk resilience in a VUCA* ecosystem

  • Create data analytics concept to manage customer experience (revenue growth)

  • Evaluate the impact of customer complaints on a technology company's market value

  • Organise digital transformation agenda including chart of ethics and GDPR compliance

  • Develop tailor-made project management training including risk and reporting practices

* VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity

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