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Financial Institutions
  • Perform an ESG-reality check of private banking's investor prospectus to ensure sustainable finance

  • Create and roll-out corporate cultural entertainment programme for banking clients in Esch2022 

  • Assess the overall client satisfaction of private banking clients regarding service expectations

  • Build a training academy for financial advisors to raise the conversion level in client interactions

  • Assist a national insurance to design a business continuity plan to manage its preparedness against microorganisms that constitute a global catastrophic biological risk (pandemic)

  • Evaluate the business model of banking segments to address the future client needs

  • Identify fin-, insur- and reg-tech start-ups with innovative APPs to disrupt the business model

  • Facilitate the collaboration between the ecosystems of start-ups and of financial institutions

  • Challenge value proposition to identify white spots of future and existing client needs 

  • Rebuild a fresh value proposition to cover the clients needs with cutting-edge UX

  • Build the Expert Network ecosystem (platform) to address white spots with tailor-made services

  • Design the governance architecture with a framework to manage the Network Experts

  • Apply the governance framework to support the implementation of an Expert Network (platform)

  • Evaluate the impact of key trends in digital wealth management for an international bank

  • Analyse the company culture of a pension fund with an employee survey to mitigate risk exposure

  • Assist a German bank in a next-generation wealth development plan for future Mittelstand leaders

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